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Rumour: UFC-brand furniture may be coming soon

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No, you're not in the Twilight zone, this shit actually exists...

Wan’t to “Get in on” in the Octagon? You might have the chance soon… Zuffa LLC. is rumoured to be in negotiations for a UFC based furniture line, which may include a faux-chain lined Octagon parasol bed.

UFC president Dana White weighed in on the possibility of UFC-branded furniture.

“If people want to buy this fucking shit, we’ll make it. I personally prefer sleeping on a water mattress filled with ¬†the fucking entrails of those who dare oppose me, but to each his own,” said White. “We’re just touching the tip of the iceberg with this shit, wait to you see what we have in store for the kitchen.”

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…Sources close to the situation are indicating Yamma Pit Fighting LLC. is among the interested parties for Spike TV’s vacated UFC programming slots…a Royce Gracie vs. Tim Sylvia¬† open-weight Superfight in Mexico has been discussed as the main event for a live broadcast…


MMA Gonzo Rumour Wire

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