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Zuffa Source: Fuel TV considering “All Dana” programming shift

A source inside Zuffa LLC., the entertainment company that runs the UFC, told MMA Gonzo that Fox-owned cable channel Fuel TV was considering a move to a programming lineup consisting entirely of content focused on UFC President Dana White.

“From the vlogs, to the celebrity-boxing type stuff, there’s a lot of tape of Dana out there,” said the source.  “The folks at Fox think that Dana TV could evolve into something big.”

“They’ve got all the bases covered,” replied the source when questioned as to whether an All-Dana lineup could maintain fresh content. “They’ve got a bunch of Dana-brand spinoffs. ‘The Fight Business’ will be a show were MMA fans will compete to win a six-figure salary as a UFC executive — think the Apprentice, but with Dana instead of Donald. But there’s way more than that, a medical drama based on Menierre’s disease, an MMA roundtable like talking heads news show — and that’s not even getting into the ‘Dana after Dark’ programming.”

Introducing “Dana-vision”