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Exclusive: Papy Abedi’s cigar reflects on UFC 138 experience

Two weeks after his life-partner’s submission loss to Thiago Alves at UFC 138, Papy Abedi’s cigar has had plenty of time to reflect. MMA Gonzo caught up with the Roko, the Cameroon-Dominican blend back home with Papy in Sweden

Papy and Roko face off against Thiago Alves at the UFC 138 Weigh-in.

MMA Gonzo: Looking back at the night, how do you feel about the way things went?


“Looking back, I remember that the entrance was perfect, Papy and I nailed it. After that, when Papy had to put me down and enter the cage, I think something was just missing.”

MMA Gonzo: What was missing?


“Well not to sound arrogant or anything, but mostly me. When we’re training I’m always there in Papy’s mouth, helping him through the techniques and just generally encouraging him. Without me there, he just seemed to kind of abandon the gameplan we had worked on.”

MMA Gonzo: Did you discuss the possibility of you and Papy entering the Octagon together with the Athletic Comission?


“Let’s get serious here, I’m a cigar.  The UFC definitely wants a tough-guy image, but smoking just isn’t hip with the Zuffa brass. Papy and I talked about smuggling a small bit of my tobacco into his mouthpiece, but in the end if we decided that if we couldn’t do it the right way we weren’t going to cheat.”


Papy and Roko pose for a photo.

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Breaking news: UFC on Fox

MMA Gonzo’s sources inside at The Honda Center in Anaheim have verified that the crowd in attendance mistakenly believe they are at the Pacquiao vs. Marquez boxing match, scheduled for tonight in Las Vegas.

MMA Gonzo caught up with one bewildered spectator:

“I’m pretty drunk, but aren’t the referees supposed to stop them from going to the ground?” queried the fight fan, decked out in a home-made T-shirt depicting the famous vide0-game icon PacMan corpse riddled with bullets and bleeding and the hastily-scrawled inscription “Viva Marquez”.

Fox Officials reportedly planning Family Guy-UFC tie-in

MMA Gonzo has learned from a high-ranking Fox Television employee that the Nov. 12 inaugural UFC on Fox broadcast will feature play-by-play from an unlikely member of the Fox “Family” –  Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.

Welcome back to the Comedy Central roast of Bronson Pinchot...

The interesting move not only highlights just how little Fox executives care about the UFC product, it’s not even popular with McFarlane, who the source says usually will attach his name to literally anything:

“Word around the campfire is that Seth may do the entire fight in that Stewie voice, just because he’s so pissed about the whole thing,” said the source, which was definitely not a member of the 27-time Emmy award winning staff of “The Simpsons.”

“Seth wants so badly to be considered hip, hence all those atrocious Comedy Central roasts, but he wants nothing to do with the UFC, or any type of sporting activity not involving plastic surgery,”  continued the source, in no way affiliated with the  longest-running American primetime, scripted television series.

“Fox still owns his soul from his earlier ‘not so comfortably in the closet,’ days.”

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