Zuffa to establish fighter nickname panel

A high-ranking source inside Zuffa told MMA Gonzo that the company will soon be implementing an “official nickname panel” to screen fighters for their upcoming UFC and Strikeforce bouts:

And in the red corner... are you kidding me? Another "Assassin?"... f*^$@



The source explained:

“Dana can be edgy some times, but I haven’t seen him this worked up since Tito bowed out of that boxing match,” the source said. “But he’s practically foaming at the mouth, he says if he hears “Pitbull” one more time he’s going to bitch slap Scott Coker.”


“I don’t know what Coker has to do with nicknaming fighters, but that’s been Dana’s favorite threat ever since the¬†acquisition,” the source continued.


Stay tuned to MMA Gonzo for the latest news from the nickname panel, which is expected to make a ruling on Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian soon.



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