Breaking News: Soul-Glo to sponsor Guida vs. Henderson

By Pierre Stapleton
MMA Gonzo staff writer

The sponsorship business in the sport of MMA is alive and kicking and MMA Gonzo just learned that one company has pulled a Kumite-worthyVan Damme spinner.

With all MMA eyes going to be on the UFC’s Fox Sports debut, 80’s powerhouse “Soul Glo” has agreed to a one-fight deal with UFC lightweights Clay Guida and Ben Henderson for their UFC on Fox tilt Nov. 12. Capitalizing on the frenzied  follicle madness of the matchup with their BP-like entrance onto the MMA sponsorship landscape, Soul Glo has emerged from the shadows of yesteryear to take center stage.

This shit's gonna wash out, right?

MMA Gonzo recently spoke to the CEO of the company and Sexual Chocolate was literally beaming with excitement:

“It’s been a hot minute since we were on the map but we back baby. Fads come and go in this world and it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot. Just yesterday I walked into a music store to update my cassette collection and I discover they don’t even sell them shits anymore. Can you believe that?” asked Chocolate.

The company saw its stocks skyrocket after the Eddie Murphy vehicle “Coming to America” did big numbers at the box office, but following the movie, and several other unforeseen tragedies, the shine faded at Soul Glo.

“I ain’t gonna lie man, when Ice Cube dropped the curl I knew we were in trouble,” Chocolate said. “Everybody started getting nervous but I knew better because we still had Eazy-E. I would have bet money Mr. ‘Get in My Automobile’ would be around for a long time – in fact I did bet money on it. Didn’t see that shit coming.

“Eazy died and took the curl with it. Times were tough but while everybody else went looking for better jobs, I hunkered down in my mother’s basement and rode out the drought. Now that Guida and Henderson are doing their thing on Fox, it’s our time to shine. Yeah I said that. Make sure you get that quote in there.”

Come Nov. 12, everyone watching on Fox will feel ‘The Glo’!

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